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Negative Publicity - Don't make matters worse!

Okay, so you typed in your name in Google and hit that search button. Suddenly you see a listing that says something like "So and so is a joke", "Rip off alert!", "He is such an", "Indicted," etc. You click on the link even though you know you shouldn't. 

And what do you find?

Ahhh... A forum or a blog and fortunately this is the type of web site that will allow you to post a message of your own! Now, it's time to set things straight! Time for a counter punch! Showtime!

WRONG! BAD! BAD! BAD! DON'T DO IT! ( I will explain below )

Remember as far as that web site is concerned - you are the bad guy. And for some reason their are certain people who greatly enjoy speaking negatively about others.

So, if you decide to go in and set matters straight than keep in mind that you already have several marks against you.

1) You are defending yourself. So, as far as they are concerned you are heavily bias and therefore anything you have to say is a lie or at least a blatant stretch of the truth.

2) You have officially started the competition. At first it was a few people with some negative things to say. But, sooner or later they grow tired of repeating the same things over and over and are on to a new topic. But, by posting a response you just added a whole new dimension. Now it's a competition! That means more messages, more links, and ultimately more attention from the search engines which are now all pointing to that negative page.

Here is a perfect example that will express my point. 

Pretty creepy, eh? What's with the red  '
Anyway, this is the entry page for the web site

So, a few years back this guy created the above web site. At first it was not a very popular page but that all changed once AOL found it. 

So, what did AOL do?

AOL threatened the webmaster with legal action. So, the webmaster simply posted all of the threats to his web site. Now the site was really picking up traffic because they caught the attention of AOL who now looked like a giant ogor picking on a poor, defenseless, webmaster.

Evidently at this point since their previous efforts didn't work they came up with another strategy. One of the AOL execs offers the guy a job at AOL. Unfortunately, that's called a bribe and it also got posted to

Over the next few years the web site developed a large, loyal following as the entire situation spun way out of control.

So, please hear me out.

I know it's frustrating to see something negative about you or your company on the internet. And I am very passionate about helping you solve that dilemma. The negative web site/s may contain outright lies, outdated indictments, false allegations, the list goes on and on. But, it's important to handle the matter delicately or it can quickly spin out of control. Let someone other than yourself and outside of your company/circle of friends respond to the negative publicity.

As hard as it is the last thing you want to do is respond impulsively.

The best approach by far is to get positive publicity in front of the negative publicity until the negative publicity is pushed beneath the Top 30 in all of the major search engines. Keep in mind that less than 4% of internet search traffic goes beyond the Top 30 listings on any given keyword.

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