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Google and Online Reputation Management

When it comes to online reputation management there is a big difference between Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Some companies make the mistake of solely focusing on Google during their reputation management campaign. Remember just over half of all internet search traffic goes through Google but shouldn't you be concerned about the other half as well?

Online Reputation


The good news is that most other search engines have a tendancy to favor new content. They tend to think that new content will make their search results more relevant and fresh for their visitors. This is great news for an IRM (Internet Reputation Management) campaign because as we add and promote the new content it will usually replace the old, negative content in Yahoo and MSN.

internet reputation repair

Google tends to look at things a little differently. For whatever reason Google likes to hang on to old sites like trusted friends. It takes alot of SEO to finally dethrone a negative web site in Google's top 5.

If you have a negative web site in Google's top 5 then you will need two things, 

# 1 An internet reputation management campaign

# 2 Patience

Many individuals and companies hope that the situation in Google can be resolved in a few weeks. In Yahoo and MSN that could be possible but in Google 99% of the time it's not. It's takes time and persistence to finish the job in Google. It could take a few months or even a year or longer depending on the strength of the negative publicity.

The important thing to remember is,

It's time to get started.

ReputationHAWK.com is affordable, responsive, efficient, and takes the time to study your organization and industry.