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Google front: Why it's important

Right now Google is the world's #1 search engine by a little over a mile.

When someone asks you, how is your Google front? They mean one of two things...

1) The top 10 results in Google when someone types in your name or your company name.

2) The top results in Google under your name or your company's name before having to scroll down. This is usually the top 4 or 5 listings.

Negative results in your Google front can wreak havoc on your career, finances, reputation, corporate bottom line, etc..


We specialize in cleaning up and fine tuning your Google front. We want to make sure that when one of your potential client's decides to Google you, the results returned are factual and positive. is affordable, responsive, efficient, and takes the time to study your organization and industry. 

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You are probably curious about pricing and whether or not Reputation Hawk can help you in your specific situation. 


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