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Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report image
Dun.. Dun.. Da....... 

Okay so the Ripoff Report site is surfacing on the front page of Google results for an increasing number of companies. It won't take you long to figure out that this is the core of their business model. Ultimately they want to appear in your top 10. Like any open source site the Ripoff Report tends to add to the solution and to the problem. On one hand let's face it this web site can do a great job deterring people from scam artists, fraud etc.. On the other hand there is no REAL accountability system proving the validity of their visitor's reports so reputable companies and individuals become easily victimized by the Ripoff Report.

The Ripoff Report rebuttal process 

Leave it alone man :) The Ripoff Report listings that feature multiple rebuttals and responses are more difficult to bump than the listings that are simply left alone. I know it is tempting when you see a false report to go in and set the record strait. But first give a solid IRM (Internet Reputation Management) campaign at least six months.


Because even if the record is set strait - the Rip off Report WILL NOT delete the listing. ((( Remember their business model )))
You do not want any listing in your top ten where the title of the web site is "Ripoff Report". That is an immediate deterrent whether your potential clients read the entire page or not.


Your plan should be simple.
Get that page out of the top 10. Ripoff Report pages can be bumped. Most likely your problem is in Google. ROR pages are rarely a problem in Yahoo and MSN.

Generally this is what you will see when you try to combat the ROR page with a solid Internet Reputation Management campaign. At first it will just sit in roughly the same spot for a few weeks or a few month. Then suddenly.....

Rip Off Report 

T I M B E R......

One of my clients had a Rip Off Report page at # 3 in Google and now it floats around in the 20's and 30's. You just have to keep at it and it will finally give in to the pressure of the competing positive web sites.

So, you just need to remember these two things to fix a Ripoff Report problem.

1) Don't respond.
2) Start a solid Internet Reputation Management campaign.

I am passionate about reputation management. You are probably curious about pricing, whether or not I can help you in your specific situation, and have a few questions.

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