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Sharks in the water

Beware who you hire

sharks reputation management

Recently it came to our attention that another IRM (Internet Reputation Management) firm literally copied our web site and posted it on a new domain that they registered (digitally dissed dot com) and stuck there 800 number in big, bold letters on the front page.

They even have a chat dialogue where you can chat with someone on the ripped copy of our web site.


There are lots of companies like this spawning in the IRM industry. Here is a quick rundown of how they work,

1) They ask you to pay a ridiculous up front fee that can be anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 plus a certain amount each month.

2) They hire a group of data entry workers in India to post information about your company all over the internet for a few hundred dollars.


Your negative publicity is still there along with some extra web sites that make absolutely no sense and are all written in broken english. So, now not only do you still have negative publicity but you also look sloppy.

There are companies in this industry that have one main focus - getting new clients. That is where they pour all of their energy. Those are the companies you should steer clear of. They will cost you money and you will have to hire someone else to clean up their work.

The difference between these companies and reputation Hawk?

We focus on taking care of our clients and constantly refining our solution. We have helped major Wall Street corporations, celebrities, and high net worth indiduals, by providing them with search results they can be proud of.

The writers who work for us are all U.S. and U.K. based. They have mastered the english language and have been awarded in multiple magazines and trade journals.

ReputationHAWK.com is affordable, responsive, efficient, and takes the time to study your organization and industry. 

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You are probably curious about pricing, whether or not we can help you in your specific situation, and have a few questions. 


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