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Industry Shortcuts

Are there shortcuts?

This is a very frequent question. Yes, there are shortcuts. How well these shortcuts work is a little complicated. So, I will give you a quick rundown on the shortcuts and their pros/cons.



- The web page is gone.


- ilegal
- There is a 99% chance the web site is backed up on a local machine. Within a few days the page will be back with heightened security.

Our Thoughts
We have never hacked into a web site nor do we have the knowledge to do so. This solution is very high risk and low if any reward. It could turn around and backfire in an instant and most likely the negative information would be back on another server and showing up in the search results in a matter of days if not hours.

Pay Per Post Blogs

You can use one of the blogging networks and offer for example $5 per blog post. So, you spend $500 and have around 100 bloggers write a post about you which can temporarily flood the search engines.


- This strategy can bump some forms of negative publicity out of the top 10 in Google.


- You cannot control what the bloggers write. The content is usually very poor and will look odd in your top 10.
- You cannot control the comments section on these blogs.
- The posts will slowly trickle off the first two pages in Google over a span of 1-3 months.

Our Thoughts
This is only a viable option if your are not dedicated to the name receiving the negative publicity, have a low budget, and nothing to lose.

I will update this page as new potential solutions become available.



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