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Almost anyone who is being attacked on the web is dealing with stress. I have even had clients who are unable to sleep at night.

One obvious solution is to fix the issue. The same client who told me he was unable to sleep at night is the same client who a month or two later said,

"That is amazing! I'm beginning to feel like my life is headed back in the right direction....like you've taken control of the situation and are turning it around for me. Simply amazing!"


Not every project goes so smoothly. The above client had major negative publicity (Ripoff Report) ranked at # 1 and # 2 under their personal and company name. In less than 60 days we moved Ripoff Report from # 1 and # 2 to # 17 and # 22.

But there have also been cases where the same type of negative publicity located at about the same rank can take 6 months plus to move. Google can be really funny that way or perhaps a better word - frustrating.

So, with that in mind I thought it would be good to write an article about dealing with stress in case your negative publicity is not cleaned up in a month or two.

I contacted George Martin who is the owner of Corpcare Associates an employee assistance program in Atlanta, GA. He has a Masters Degree in Psycology and has been involved in the mental health field for over twenty years.

I asked him to comment on the issue of dealing with stress and he was nice enough to write the following article for us.

When Facing Adversity

by George W. Martin

Encountering adversity is a part of life.  To ignore this truth sets us up for bitter frustrations and disappointments that may result in a general sense of feeling and believing that we are victims.  Our attitude towards adversity determine how well we handle its� impact and results.  If we feel we have been unfairly wronged then a sense of self-righteous anger emerges to defend ourselves and counter the untruth.  If we have been fairly wronged and still react as if we were in the right, then we manipulate our sense of values deteriorating a little more of our integrity.  To stand and remain accountable while recognizing our fault is to reinforce our personal sense of integrity and assume the consequences of both words and deeds.  Resilience becomes our watchword.

"Fire makes soft iron into steel", Richard Nixon

Resilience strengthens when facing adversity constructively.  If we respond in lesser ways, we weaken our sense of self only to increase life�s fears.  Living from fear creates needless anxiety that may develop into depression.  Enough depression and suicide becomes a reasonable alternative. It is a negative downward spiral, which like an inverted tornado intensifies the sense of personal futility and feeling of powerlessness.  Moreover, all of this can begin simply from false criticism or failing to remain accountable.

It is about this time when the 3AM wake up call happens.  It is as if the alarm clock sounds and while all others are asleep, you lay there thinking, and thinking, and thinking.  You would want to believe that with enough thinking the problem is resolved.  Yet it lingers.   As thinking continues you feel either the anger or anxiety build and as if awakening to a fire in the dead of night, you are alert.  What can you do?

Lousy options includes...

  1. Go get even.  Revenge becomes a natural thought and over time, a strategy.  As others have said before this writer, revenge creates two victims.
  2. Forgive. Easy when the issue is simple but tough when unfairly criticized.  Forgiveness does not mean forgetting.  There is a difference.
  3. Do nothing and maybe it will go away.  Ignoring bad behavior may be a viable parental task for a toddler yet ill advised to another adult.  Avoiding or ignoring invites the bad behavior to return.


Other options includes...

  1. Eliminate whatever may have caused the problem in the first place.  If the problem is greed, try giving.  If control, try sharing.  To discover the initial problem may take soul searching which hopefully will be uncomfortable.  When so, you are 'doing� it right.
  2. Strategy counts, especially the right one. Select your responses and words carefully; triple check your intent; decide on reasonable results; put ego on the shelf; collect all possible information prior to deciding; consult with a wise person first. 
  3. 3 AM 'wake-up calls 'are important since they are messages, listen to them.  These messages may shout that you are thinking too much and doing too little. If the messages revolve around guilt, seek forgiveness and change.  On the other hand, don�t. Allow the guilt to turn into callousness based upon caring less about the lives of others.  A fool�s best reflection is in the mirror.                 

Whether you were right or wrong; wrongly or rightfully accused; use the experience to rebuild character if needed or resiliency if not. Nixon�s words were spoken by someone who knew something about adversity.  We remember Watergate and his resignation but too, getting out of Vietnam and opening up China. Hopefully we are moving towards being right as opposed to remaining wrong. 


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