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Overnight Internet Reputation Management

There are some companies and individuals that think or at least hope that clearing their name in the search engines is an overnight process.

Unfortunately Internet Reputation Management is not a quick fix.

Teams of very talented people at Google and Yahoo specialize in making sure that no one can manipulate the listings returned in search queries. Otherwise you would do a search on "financial software" and the number one site would be a page about Viagra. If that were a common occurrence how often would you go back to Google?

Effective Internet Reputation Management takes 
time and persistence.


One of my jobs is to create a steady stream of positive content related to you or your company. If I were careless about this process I would likely trip a spam or duplicate content filter. This is something that needs to be done on a regular basis each month. This will look 'natural' to the search engines which will keep us from being flagged.

I also need to regularly promote that content in creative ways that will cause it to outrank the current negative publicity you or your company is receiving in the major search engines. Any other positive web sites I create for you also need to be optimized and added to on a regular basis.

The whole idea is to know how the search engines think and react accordingly. 

Internet reputation management should be a proactive ongoing process if it is to truly be effective. Negative publicity in search engines can cost companies and individuals millions of dollars every year. An average time frame to correct a client's publicity in the search engines is 8 - 14 months, however you should start seeing solid results within the first few months.

You are probably curious about pricing, whether or not I can help you in your specific situation, and have a few questions.