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You just have to work

Numerous times I have been contacted by a person or company with the same complaint. It goes something like this,

"I hired company A to clean up our online reputation. It's been two or three months and there is no new content in our top 10. They say they are link building."

Company A is implying that they are not creating new content but instead are on the web building alot of links pointing to your current positive content which will theretically push it higher in Google.

The odds of bumping major negative publicity with a one dimensional campaign (link building) is almost impossible.

But first let's find out if they are actually building links pointing to your positive content. Follow these steps,

1) Google your name or your company name.
2) Look for a positive listing in the top 5 or top 10.
3) Now copy the URL without the www in front. (ie daniel.ning.com)
4) Now paste the URL into Google and hit "Search".

If you see one or only a few listings returned then that informs you that noone is building links.

Just now I picked a client at random who we have been working with for almost three months. I took several of the URL's of some of the new positive sites we have in his top 10. One had 579 returns, another had 346, this is what it should look like.

Each piece of positive content in your top 10 should have a few hundred positive backlinks and building. In six months this clients should have over a thousand backlinks on each of these positive pages in his top 20.

You just have to work

I keep seeing people try to take shortcuts in this industry. The client finds a web site that says they guarantee results for a one time fee of $999, or $2,500. A few months go by and there is not a single change. They then contact the company and ask about the guarantee and the company replies, "Well we are still working on it". They can continue saying this into the year 2015.

These companies are all centered around the same thing - selling.

The truth is this work is very tedious. There is a large amount of article writing, hundreds of hours spent link building, seting up new sites, month in and month out. When it comes to this particular problem you do not want to hire someone who has figured out a clever way to sell you something. You need to hire someone who is going to WORK.

At reputationHAWK we focus on the quality of our service above creating new ways to sell it. For that reason alot of our business comes by word of mouth.

You are probably curious about pricing, whether or not we can help you in your specific situation, and have a few questions. Your information is held strictly confidential and only seen by the Founder of Reputation Hawk.