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Removing Negative Publicity

Okay so you are naturally wondering one thing. Can the bad stuff simply be removed?

The answer....

It is possible, but unlikely.

(continue below)

Imagine a guy named Earl on the side of the street. He is standing on a soapbox and shouting out all sorts of negative things about you. You walk up to him and tell him to be quiet. He says, "Yes Sir" and goes away never to return to his pitiful ranting.

Is that likely to happen? Probably not.

What is likely to happen? 

He will shout even louder now that he has your attention.

So, another question might be, are Earl's actions illegal? In most circumstances they are not. So then how do we get rid of Earl.


Just kidding. But, it is time to get creative. What if we hire someone with a big billboard to stand in front of Earl named Jake. But, Jake only has interesting and positive things to say about your company. Better yet, what if we have a whole team of people standing in front of Jake with megaphones? And what if we contact the property owner and talk to him about old Earl?

So, the question is can Earl be removed?

And the answer is that Earl can either be removed or made less visible.


Well, you are probably to personally invested in the situation and the cleaning up process could cause an inexperienced someone severe migraines. So, the truth is you simply need someone like me.  

You are probably curious about pricing, whether or not I can help you in your specific situation, and have a few questions.