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Internet Reputation Management - Squidoo, Naymz etc

Be careful not to overload on bio (diversion) sites such as;

The above sites can be great tools to utilize during the online reputation management process. However, if these sites are over-utilized you will simply create too much fluff in the search results and the searcher will dig through it to find the real information from third parties referencing you or your organization.

Diversion Sites 

A diversion site usually contains information about you or your company. You could basically call it a bio page or a profile site. Through some basic SEO tactics and a decent link building campaign you can usually flood the top 20 with these types of web sites.

online rep management

The question is - Do you want to?

My answer is no, in most circumstances it is not a good idea to flood the top 20 with diversion sites.
and here's why....

Let's say that you are about to purchase a monitored security system for your home. And the company that you are interested in buying from requires a five year contract. You are a little leery in signing such a long term commitment so you decide to Google the company to find out more about them.

As you do, you notice numerous web sites in the top 10 that all contain the same basic information about the company. And most of it is information that you already knew. Generally they all read like advertisements. So, then what do you decide to do?

You click "next" in to the 10-20 results, 20-30 etc... (Where the negative stuff hides)

So - if your goal or your PR firm's goal is to flood the top 20 with Squidoo lenses, blogs,  naymz type profiles etc then keep in mind that the results may look good to you, but they will prove ineffective in obtaining your main goal which is converting customers.

This is exactly why I make sure to figure out what your potential clients are looking for when they search for your name in Google. I then make it my mission to have that information in a truthful, positive, efficient form that is front and center in the search results.

You are probably curious about pricing, whether or not I can help you in your specific situation, and have a few questions.