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Mass market influence

I was recently contacted by someone who works for another IRM (Internet Reputation Management) company. The employee was looking for any insigths that might help him with a difficult IRM task. His boss was breathing down his neck and the negative listing was not budging. I do not know which company it was and I did not think it necessary to ask.

But, I did spend some time with him to offer a few tips that might help. Well, evidently their client is a very large company with over 100,000 listings online. This IRM firm had one guy who was devoting some of his time to setting up some web pages and cross linking.

That might have the potential to work for Terry Wilson's hardware store in Montgomery, Alabama but this solution doesn't stand a chance in cleaning the search results of a major corporation.

What will it take?

Mass Market Influence...

Multiple web sites with authority, thousands of user accounts in different locations, a team of data entry specialists working together on the project.

One person spending some time creating web pages and cross linking - No way....

The reason this article is entitle, "The Future of Search Engine Reputation Management," is simply because more and more companie are advertising online. Even small business may have more than 10,00 results in Google which makes the IRM process more difficult further impressing the need for mass market influence.


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